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Solutions Designed for the Voice Loss Community

Laronix recognizes the need for technological innovation in the voice loss domain.
Our goal is to offer solutions that meet a variety of communicative needs and diagnoses.


AVA Voice™

Non-Invasive Voicing Device
for Laryngectomy Patients


  • In product development trials

  • Innovative in its simplicity

  • Non-invasive design limits extra medical costs

  • Customizable with pitch variability

MIRA Voice™


Innovative Voicing Device
for All Types of Voice Loss


  • Limited availability with first
    phase of trials

  • Portable, lightweight and comfortable to hold

  • Applicable across several
    voice loss domains with
    no contraindications for use


  • Customizable with pitch variability

Bionic Voice™


Smart, Hands-Free Voicing Device
for Laryngectomy Patients


  • In development and projected to be available in 2026

  • Combining hands-free technology
    with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    to provide the most advanced voice loss solution on the market

The Laronix Advantage

Harnessing innovation and technology, Laronix is developing solutions that will meet a variety of voice loss needs. Our solutions allow for success in various communication contexts, whether it be in person or over phone and video calls. With our solutions, patients can even enjoy the ability to sing.



Inherently safe by design and allows for voicing without the need for surgery and post-op complications


Easy to Learn

99% of patients
produce voice during
the first session


Patients report an increased ability to communicate in different contexts, such as their work environment



Every step of our
innovation is guided

by the needs and
experiences of patients 

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