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What is the device?

This device aims to provide an alternate communication rehabilitation option post-laryngectomy.

The device is wearable external to the body and integrates with current baseplates and laryngectomy tubes/buttons. It is naturally controlled by respiration, with an oral tube that allows the generated sound to be transferred to the mouth. The voice quality of this device is better than other solutions on the market.

The device is currently being trialed in Australia & the US and is FDA-registered & TGA-approved.


What is the process for people to participate in the device trial?

Individuals should contact Laronix to express their interest in participating in the trial. Dr. Farzaneh Ahmadi will meet with each person to discuss the device and their laryngectomy history. From there, the consulting speech pathologist has a further discussion with the person regarding their laryngectomy history to determine if they meet the inclusion criteria. The trial has ethics approval.


Who is the consulting speech pathologist?

Alanna Bowen has been consulting for Laronix since 2020. Alanna has over 10 years of laryngectomy experience having worked in one of Melbourne’s largest public health Head and Neck Oncology teams.

Alanna now continues her work with this patient population in private health.


What is the role of the consulting speech pathologist?

Initially, the consulting speech pathologist will determine the eligibility of each participant. Once the participant has been accepted into the trial and received a device, the speech pathologist arranges therapy sessions to establish functional use of the device (in person or via telehealth). All routine laryngectomy care continues to be the responsibility of the participants' regular treatment team.


What information is needed from the participant's regular treating speech pathologist?

No routine information is required from the regular treating speech pathologist. If the participant is unable to provide enough details regarding their laryngectomy history, they may request those details from their regular treating speech pathologist, or ask them to provide some of those details directly.


Who can I contact if I have further questions?
Please feel free to contact Alanna via email at



If you have further questions or are interested in collaborating with Laronix, please fill out the form below.

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