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Smart, Hands-Free Voicing Device for Laryngectomy Patients


Groundbreaking Voice Loss Technology

Bionic Voice™ is a hands-free system, integrating hardware and software to generate a natural voice for those that have lost their voice due to laryngectomy.

A pressure sensing module sits over the patient’s stoma to monitor respiration. Similar to the vocal folds, these readings then drive an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based software model of vocal folds which produces the patient’s voice.

The AI software is designed to learn and mimic the natural voice of the patient.


Smart Device

Artificial Intelligence (AI) module that learns to improve voice quality to sound closer to the patient's own voice over time

Hands-Free Solution

Non-invasive, hands-free solution for more functional communication

Naturally Controlled

Regenerates the missing voice source for laryngectomy patients using their natural respiration

The Invention of Bionic Voice™

Grounded in over a decade of research, Bionic Voice™ has been recognized as a groundbreaking invention to change the course of voice restoration technology. Read more about the research that has informed the design of Bionic Voice™.

Published Research

Invention of Bionic Voice™

Bionic Voice™ is in Development

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