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Innovative &
Voicing Device

for Laryngectomy Patients

A Groundbreaking Solution to an Unmet Need

We have developed AVA Voice™ to meet the needs of those who need it the most. AVA Voice™ is a non-invasive voicing device using natural respiration, and it is suitable for anyone with voice loss due to laryngectomy, whether or not they have had success with traditional solutions. AVA Voice™ offers natural-sounding speech with options for male, female, and accented voices, and uniquely allows patients to sing and laugh.

Great Success Reported by Both Patients and Clinicians

"AVA Voice made my day when I was introduced to it through
my speech therapist. I called my two daughters that evening.
They cried, they were so happy to hear my voice."

George G.

Learn if AVA Voice™ is right for you, a loved one, or your patients

  • AVA Voice™ is included on the ARTG under ARTG 383438

  • The ability to speak with a pre-existing communication method is not required.

  • ​The presence of an indwelling voice prosthesis (TEP) does not affect candidacy.

  • Contact us for further questions on eligibility.

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