Regain your True Voice

The Bionic Voice is the world’s first smart wearable electronic voice prosthesis for laryngectomy people

(larynx amputees or laryngectomees)

Bionic Voice substitutes and regenerates the missing "voice source” for laryngectomees. It is naturally controlled by respiration and has an exceptionally high voice-quality. The Voice is generated by a smart algorithm and can be trained in its future generation to reach a voice quality resembling the patient’s own.

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Bionic Voice is a wearable system, integrating hardware and software to generate true voice for laryngectomees.

A pressure sensing module sits over the patient’s stoma to monitor respiration. Similar to the vocal folds, these readings then drive an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based software model of vocal folds which produces the patient’s voice.

The AI software is designed to learn and mimic the natural voice of the patient.


Sample Quality

Please press the music note at the bottom right corner of the video to hear a sample quality


noun_Calm sea_114510.png

Naturally Controlled

Electronic voice prostheses such as electrolarynx require manual control. Bionic Voice is naturally controlled using respiration

noun_speak_2548187 copy1.png

High-Quality Sound

Bionic Voice generates a voice quality better than other solutions in the market


Smart Prothesis

Bionic Voice has an Artificial Intelligence (AI) module that can learn to improve the quality of the voice over time to sound closer to the patient’s own.



Laronix is an Australian biomedical company that has developed Bionic Voice: a wearable high-quality voice prosthesis for laryngectomees.

Laronix’s Bionic Voice is non-invasive to the body and naturally controlled during speech and it generates an exceptionally high quality compared to other modalities in the market.

The technology was invented by Dr. Farzaneh Ahmadi during his Postdoctoral term at Western Sydney University. Farzaneh and her brother Mousa founded Laronix in August 2018 and have completed the pre-clinical trials of the solution and secured public funds. Laronix is now partnering with Stanford University to perform the clinical trials of the solution before moving on to scaled manufactory.


Laronix has a team of world-renown clinical and machine learning advisors to launch a wearable high-quality non-invasive alternative to existing invasive voice prostheses and improve patient outcomes.

Laronix is proudly supported by:


Dr. Farzaneh  Ahmadi, Founder/CEO

Scientific Lead of  Bionic Voice research, Nagoya University, a globally  pioneering research  team in Bionic Voice design.

team 5.jpg

Mousa Ahmadi, 
Incoming UX Researcher

Human-Centered Computing, User Experience, NJIT,  Platfora, Docker, 

New York, USA,

Dr. Mohsen Askari
Data Scientist

Artificial Intelligence 

Machine Learning

Algorithms design


Scientific Advisor

World Leading Expert  in AI for natural voice  synthesis, Nagoya  University, Japan

team 4.jpg

Mr. Ben Wright
Business Advisor

Director, NSW Health Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program, Sydney.